How to Find the Products That Sell for Your Dropshipping Store in 2023

Ah, dropshipping - the lazy person's dream come true. No need for inventory or shipping hassles, and you can operate from anywhere in the world. But with so many potential products to choose from, how do you pick the winners and avoid the duds? Fear not, dear reader. I bring you the most exceptional tips for discovering the best products to sell in your dropshipping store.

How to Find the Products That Sell for Your Dropshipping Store in 2023

Conducting Market Research: Not as Boring as it Sounds

Before you start scrolling through AliExpress or Shopify, it's essential to do your research. And no, we're not talking about just Googling "best dropshipping products 2023" and hoping for the best. You need to dive deep and analyze the market for your specific niche. What are people interested in? What are the current trends? What are your competitors selling?

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Market research? Boring. Snooze-fest. Pass." But hold on. It doesn't have to be all numbers and graphs. Take a deep dive into forums, Reddit threads, and social media groups related to your niche. See what people are talking about and what they're interested in. You can also use tools like Google Trends and Keywords Everywhere to find the most searched keywords in your niche. Trust me; it's worth putting in the time to do proper research.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Finding Unique Products

So, you've done your market research and have a list of potential products. But how do you stand out in a sea of other dropshipping stores? You need to find unique products that are not widely available or marketed. Think outside the box and search for products that solve a problem or meet a need that your competitors may not have thought of.

One way to find unique products is by attending trade shows and industry events. These are great opportunities to see new and innovative products before they hit the market. You can also check out online marketplaces like Etsy or Handmade at Amazon for unique and handmade products. Another great way to find unique products is by using product research tools like Jungle Scout or Helium 10. These tools can help you find products that have low competition but high demand.

Don't Forget About Profit Margins: Finding Products That Make You Money

Okay, so you've done your research, found unique products, and now it's time to make some money. But before you start selling, you need to consider your profit margins. You don't want to be selling products that barely make you any money.

To find products with high-profit margins, start by looking for products that have a low cost of goods sold (COGS). This means products that are cheap to produce or source. You can also look for products that have a high perceived value to the customer, which allows you to charge more for them. Another way to increase profit margins is by bundling products together or offering upsells and cross-sells.

Most important tip

I almost forgot to mention one crucial tip that can make or break your dropshipping store: avoiding the dreaded bandwagon effect.

What is the bandwagon effect, you may ask? It's the tendency for people to do or believe something just because many others are doing or believing it. In the world of dropshipping, this translates to selling products that everyone else is selling because they're on some recommended list or trending on social media.

But here's the thing: if you can find the product on some recommended list to sell, it's probably late to sell that. By the time a product makes it onto a recommended list, hundreds of other drop shippers have already jumped on the bandwagon and saturated the market.

Instead, focus on finding unique products that solve a specific problem or meet a particular need. Think about what products your target audience is searching for but cannot find. Consider offering personalized products or products that can be customized to suit individual tastes.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should completely ignore popular products. After all, there's a reason why they're popular. But rather than jumping on the bandwagon, think about how you can offer a unique twist or angle on a popular product.

Testing and Optimization: The Final Steps

Once you've found a product that meets all the above criteria, it's time to test and optimize it for maximum sales. This means using data and analytics to make informed decisions about your store and products.

Start by creating multiple product listings with different descriptions, images, and pricing. Use A/B testing to see which product listings perform better and make adjustments accordingly. You can also use tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar to track user behavior on your store and make improvements based on the data.

Another important aspect of testing and optimization is customer feedback. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and feedback on your products and store. Use this feedback to improve your product offerings and customer experience.

Remember that dropshipping is a competitive business, and staying on top of trends and customer preferences is crucial. Keep testing and optimizing your products to stay ahead of the game.


In conclusion, dropshipping can be a highly lucrative business if done right. Finding the best products to sell in your store is a crucial aspect of dropshipping success. By conducting thorough market research, focusing on unique products, and testing and optimizing your offerings, you can increase your chances of success in this competitive industry.

It's important to remember that dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But with the right mindset and strategies, you can build a successful and profitable dropshipping business.

So, don't be afraid to put in the work and take risks. Find products that you're passionate about and that your customers will love. And most importantly, never stop learning and adapting to the ever-changing world of dropshipping. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to dropshipping success. Good luck! 🙂

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