Can You Make A Lot Of Money Just By Blogging?

Many individuals will also create a blog to help back up their products and enhance their brand, but you don't even need that, just a landing page, an affiliate link, and the right advertising campaign. But what if you don't want a product to sell at all? Can you generate a completely passive website or blog revenue alone?

The answer is as follows: yes you can.

Can You Make A Lot Of Money Just By Blogging?

Over time, if you build a website to be large enough and to provide a huge amount of free data, if you can rank at the top of Google and if you can build an active community, then you can theoretically get a massive flow of traffic that will be self-sustaining for several years, even without having to have any consistent feedback. You can potentially earn up to a few hundred dollars per day and profit if you then place advertising on this website. But it's going to take a great deal of time and a lot of luck.

Therefore, regular input on your behalf will include most of the best ways to make money from a blog, which will mean writing fresh blog posts and running a social media page. One way to get around this is to find and pay for a writing (or several) to write content for your website. However, make sure it is good. Buying a website that already comes with a large audience and a large community + lots of content is another way to get around this.

You're going to have to spend a large amount of money to get this, but if you can make that up front expense, this can be a good investment. Browse webmaster forums and marketing forums where you can find people selling sites and try directly to contact large sites. Contacting people who have a massive audience but have not yet maximised their earning potential with advertisements and affiliate links is a good strategy. It is likely that they will not yet know how valuable their website is and that means they might accept a good deal.

Another approach is to use insider data and to target a website that is in a niche that you believe is about to become more in demand. In other words, if you have a tip-off that a large brand is about to take the world by storm and before that happens, you can buy a website about that brand, you can stand to profit in a GREAT way! If you can purchase a website that is already receiving a lot of visits, then you can theoretically simply add some advertisements or affiliate links to it and start profiting immediately!

Marketing and Branding for Content

But that said, with running a blog the old fashioned way, there's nothing wrong. This could involve a little more effort than a genuinely passive income model, but it's still as passive as you don't trade time for cash. And if it is a subject that you love, then you shouldn't mind regularly writing about it. Again, the key to being successful with this type of company is to get inside your visitors' heads and offer something really different.

That means creating a brand that will appeal to a very particular type of person once again, rather than trying to appeal to everyone. You need to think about branding your website so that people know immediately what your website is all about and whether it is for them, and you need to be very consistent in delivering quality content that will also offer something a little different from the competition.

Don't think that by populating a generic site with generic content like 'How to Get a Six Pack' you can make a lot of money (500 words). If you want to be the next Tim Ferriss, then you need to write about stuff that sounds exciting and hasn't been read before by anyone. That could mean a new method of training, or it could mean a challenging intellectual exposure to a specific aspect of training.

This implies writing in a way that is fun and engaging and it implies writing in a way that is in-depth and provides links to useful resources. Then it means building up the visibility of the brand on social media, getting follows and reposting and re-sharing people. In other words, it means being consistently brilliant and on-point and having a clear mission statement that allows individuals to feel that they are part of a 'movement' just by following you. Again, it is about their identity and knowing your audience's psychology.

But in the meantime, you can also use a number of helpful growth hacks to get surges of hits for your site. One is to write a post that will be particularly irresistible for a certain audience and then find a route to market again, which might mean a Google Plus or Facebook community in this case. Post there and this can lead to hundreds of thousands of hits overnight if you're lucky!

Better yet,' marketing influencers'. This implies finding in the niche a large influencer and getting them to promote your site. That means, of course, that you need to offer something else in return, whether that means you're also connecting to them or it means you're giving them free content. The best strategy to be successful with this is to start with those smaller influencers around your level and then to 'climb the ladder' slowly.

You'll get more new followers each time you get a shout-out from one of them, and next time you'll be able to approach someone even bigger! The best way to get marketing influencers and quickly make big money from a blog? Network with someone who happens to own a massive website in person. It's not easy, but it can be done!

More Passive Income Earning Strategies From A Website

If you so wish, there are other ways you can earn even more genuinely passive revenue from a website. One is to use a model for subscriptions. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that will allow you to do this easily and completely for free, and if you have enough content, you may find people willing to sign up to create a recurring income that is much more stable and reliable than you can get from ads!

As a model, even donations can work! Or for your very best content, what about having a 'pay wall'? This works particularly well for those 'static websites' that act as large information repositories, and when you target a niche that relies on lots of information, that type of business model is most effective. For example, targeting specific careers and industries can work very well, as it can provide a resource for individuals studying a specific topic!

Creating a 'SAS' or 'Software As a Service' is another option. This could mean making an online calculator, a tool that organises individuals through the provision of to-do lists, a CMS or a website for dating. You charge for membership, then. This will require a little coding ability, but as long as you have the right idea to start with, you can either handle it yourself, or outsource it to a coder through a site like UpWork or Elance. (Quick-but-very-important-tip: to be very profitable, not every idea must be 'unique'! Sometimes it's best to copy what works for someone else!)

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